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I'm primary a web and integration developer since 2017. Full time freelancer since 2018.

In 2006 - 2007 when I was around 16 years old, I started out playing around with Game Maker and made some few games out of it. Later I began learning C++ online and from books at the age of 17. It was in my free time, so I didn't have much time to focus on the language only, because I also composed music. I had been trying different API's like openGL, SDL and DirectX, and it ended up with DirectX being my choice.

In early October 2010, I slowly began building my website from scratch, using HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. In March 2011, I published it and started the development of Survivorian.

After working on the game for several years, I started to develop utilities such as DS Model Maker and later when I began to do music for other game developers, I developed my music composition program, DS Audual, which I still use to this day.

After I finished my time in the army in December 2016, things started to slowly take a different turn. While releasing DS Audual and a few patches afterwards, I began to search for a full time job. Once I got one in March 2017, my focus and energy started drifting away from software development and more into web development. In January 2018, I established my own company and have been working as a full time freelancer in web and integration development since then.