Current status of Survivorian

After the release of DS Audual 1.1.0, it's time to go back to the development of Survivorian. As for now, I haven't done much progress on it, due to my full time job as web developer, but also I'm still taken the driver license course. The course takes slowly to complete, because my driving instructor is busy with other students, plus you wait weeks to go to the tests.

However, I'm slowly progressing with the game now, but mostly I do a lot of research on some more advanced stuff which I haven't made before with the game. The core of the game will be upgraded to have it handle more complex features, and this is also where I go from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11. I'm still aiming for a pixel art style, but mostly I'm focusing on some more dynamic effects which I have thought of for a long time.

My vacation is almost over. Some of it has been spent on working at the office, because I didn't feel ready to just go on vacation right away, even though I worked for free. Some of the time has been spent on this website, since it needed some more features and adjustments here and there. Some of it has also been spent on my friends and family, and now I'm picking up the game again.

I'll probably post some more news about the progress on the game next month, so stay tuned, guys. ;)

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DS Audual 1.1.0

  • Strings light up when they get hit.
  • Light effects when choosing a bar.
  • Smooth fade in/fade out transit... read more

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