DS Audual 1.0.8 Released!

I'm releasing this new version of the utility software mainly because of the bug which is described under "Fixed", first line down below, since it might have been a huge turnoff. Even though, I fixed some bugs related to the copy/paste feature, I think I made some new ones. Still, the bugs are less than before, in my opinion.

Anyway, I had a few days of spare time last week, so I decided to add some graphical features and adjustments among the bug fixes. I'm not sure when I'll update the program again, since I now work as a web developer in a company which makes websites for other people. I started one month ago and I really enjoy working there.

DS Audual 1.0.8 change log
  • Custom skin support. It's possible to add your own skin into the program and this is how you do it: Navigate to "Graphics/Interface/Skins" and make a new folder there. You can either change partly or the entire skin by choosing an image file with the same name to the one in the "Default" folder. For example, if you just want to make the cursor look different, copy the image file from the "Default" folder and put it in your new folder. Edit the image as you like, but I recommend you to keep the same resolution. Then open up DS Audual.exe and select your skin in "View -> Skins" and the cursor should change. Add more images from the "Default" folder and edit them to make a bigger difference. The same thing applies to the change of the properties of the font. Copy and paste the file called "Font.ini" into your own folder and edit the values there.
  • Fixed the bug the prevented the user from clicking on some graphical elements after clicking on one of the buttons in a window.
  • Fixed some bugs when pasting copied notes onto a regular guitar track.
  • Fixed some minor bugs concerning copy and pasting.
  • The default render method of the font has been changed. If you don't like the looks of it, you can simply change the method in the file called "Settings.txt" where it says "FontSampleNearestNeighbor". Set it to "0" to use the old method.

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