4 months in the army and back to work

Hey everyone!

I'm back again. I have been in the army for 4 months voluntarily, because I wanted to challenge myself and push myself even further which I feel I managed to do. Also, I feel I have learned a lot in those months, especially being outside in the woods and being taught everything from surviving to tactic combat. The education period is 4 months where the 30th November was the last day for me, so therefore, I'm starting to search for a new job again.

I also plan on doing some of the stuff which I did before, such as programming, making some music and sound effects again. I couldn't do much of those things, since I have been sleeping in the barracks and not at home.

Anyway, more and more people are starting to ask me if I could release the composition program I use for my music. I might start focus more on this program than on Survivorian for a moment, so I can fix and add the stuff I want before releasing the the program. If I find the time for it, I'll release it this month.

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