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Well, I never did a re-release of a soundtrack before, but yeah, that's how it goes sometimes. Enjoy! :)

I noticed a little interest boost recently and more people have giving me feedback on the game which is great and thanks a lot for that!

I'm still working on another soundtrack for A Peasant's Tale, but since the bug fixes didn't take long for me to do, I thought that I should release the new version before it. A tiny break, but I'm back on the track again, and I'm aiming for the release of it in about 4 - 5 days.

Survivorian change log
  • Fixed some bugs when picking up items.
  • Fixed the saved game text in the tutorial when entering the main menu, clicking on a tab and having the auto-save option turned on, then going back to the tutorial.
  • Fixed nameless save files. You cannot save a file without a name.
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when saving a file containing the characters \ / : * ? " | in the name.

I'm back again with another soundtrack for A Peasant's Tale. I expect to have another one done in about 2 weeks before I take a 4 - 5 months break. I'll post some more info right after I release the other soundtrack. Stay tuned!

I added some addional features than what I originally had planned, but here is the update. :)

Now, my main focus will be on preparing myself for the math exams, but if I find or get notified about some bugs in the game, I'll fix them and release another version when I feel I got time for it.

Survivorian 3.2.3 change log
  • Improved the AI system. They now give themselves specific jobs in order to speed up building their little village, plus better shelter construction and are more cautious when dealing with enemies.
  • You can now make a torch from a short stick with a wrapped end and by using two stones.
  • All living beings can be set to be displayed in the world map in the main menu when creating a new game.
  • It's possible to either play the game as normal (being a player) or become a spectator. This option can be set in the main menu when creating a new game.
  • It may not look pretty, but both bears and deer can be seeing mating with their respective partner.
  • The lighting of the cuboids has been simplified.
  • You still can, but you don't need to say "Hello" to an AI if he/she comes to you and say "Hello" in order to start a conversation. Some might consider it rude, but this has been added, due to some confusing regarding how to work with the AIs in the game.
  • Adjusted some voice sounds.
  • Minor adjustments.
  • Fixed some bugs with the AI system.
  • Fixed some bugs with the lighting of the cuboids when rotation and placing them, as well as when loading a new game.
  • Fixed the power charge of a throw being aborted when saving a game manually in-game.
  • Fixed some minor bugs with saving and loading a game.
  • Fixed a few issues in the tutorial.
  • Fixed some minor issues with the precision of the time.
  • Fixed some rarely occurring crashes when creating a new game.
    Save files take approximately 10% less space on the hard drive.

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DS Audual 1.1.0

  • Strings light up when they get hit.
  • Light effects when choosing a bar.
  • Smooth fade in/fade out transit... read more

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