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I want to say a huge thank you to those who tried out Survivorian in the year 2016. Here are some videos of people playing the game:



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And also a huge thank you to those who spread the word about this game and my projects.

Hey everyone!

I'm back again. I have been in the army for 4 months voluntarily, because I wanted to challenge myself and push myself even further which I feel I managed to do. Also, I feel I have learned a lot in those months, especially being outside in the woods and being taught everything from surviving to tactic combat. The education period is 4 months where the 30th November was the last day for me, so therefore, I'm starting to search for a new job again.

I also plan on doing some of the stuff which I did before, such as programming, making some music and sound effects again. I couldn't do much of those things, since I have been sleeping in the barracks and not at home.

Anyway, more and more people are starting to ask me if I could release the composition program I use for my music. I might start focus more on this program than on Survivorian for a moment, so I can fix and add the stuff I want before releasing the the program. If I find the time for it, I'll release it this month.

There are still a few known bugs that I haven't fixed yet, but I'll do it in another day when I got more time for it.

Survivorian change log
  • The energy doesn't get reduced in the tutorial.
  • Fixed the pick up and drop bug after an AI has drunk from a big puddle.
  • Fixed the slow walking movement of the player and the AIs when they are swimming.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

I'm going to take a break from making music for A Peasant's Tale now and instead be focusing on Survivorian and Equilinox again.

Regarding Survivorian, more people are trying out the game and uploading their playthroughs of it on YouTube. Therefore, the new upcoming updates will contain small adjustments and bug fixes for the most part. I still want to rewrite the rendering engine first before I start doing bigger updates. Hopefully, I'll have the new rendering engine ready this year. I'll keep you updated on the progress here.

Regarding Equilinox, I'm going to focus on creating some effects this time. However, I'm going to be a bit more busy than usual, but I'll see how much I can do before the release of the game. I have been told that the release of Equilinox will be by the end of this year!

Regarding A Peasant's Tale, Lucas (CRAZEERUSKEE) is planning to finish the first chapter of his game this year, so I'll probably do some more sound effects for his game, plus a few more soundtracks in December. This time, it will be combat music!

With that said, I might also have some gameplay videos of Survivorian in between all that.

Well, I never did a re-release of a soundtrack before, but yeah, that's how it goes sometimes. Enjoy! :)

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DS Audual 1.1.0

  • Strings light up when they get hit.
  • Light effects when choosing a bar.
  • Smooth fade in/fade out transit... read more

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